Please complete the form below with all your information which is required by our insurance carrier. Also please upload all the documents requested below as they are required for insurance purposes and membership in the club. If you have any questions please CLICK HERE to contact me.

First, the policies and important stuff:


N724SR is one of the best 2006 Cirrus SR22’s available. It is equipped for you and your family’s safety. We expect you to take care of this aircraft both cosmetically and mechanically as if it were your own. Our club members often feel it is their own because of how we have set up this club. (Minimum number of members, low entry costs, low hourly flight costs).You may operate under Part 91 FAR only. No formal flight instruction for hire. No grass strip operation without approval of Manager/Chief Pilot (Jonathan Towner). The AC is not to be flown out of the U.S. unless approved by Manager/Insurance company. No animals on laps or seats. Membership can be terminated by FlyMe2, LLC for any reason, at any time.


  • A $3000 refundable deposit gets you into the club. No additional buy-in or capital expenses required. (Additional deposit may be required depending on flight experience and Managers discretion). Refundable deposit is for security and cash reserve for major maintenance. Your refund will be returned within 60 days of notification of your desire to cease membership. 60 day notice s required to cease membership. If more than one member leaves at once, the succeeding members will be refunded first and subsequent refunds given at 60 day intervals from the first member’s refund. The deposit will be returned earlier if a new qualified member is found and deposit will be returned when new member pays their deposit.
  • A recurring $690 per month due the first of each month to cover fixed costs, plus an additional $180 per hour (hobbs) dry is what you can expect for fees. This guarantees you 6 days per month access to N724SR. You have effective control to do as you please as if you owned the aircraft. Monthly fixed fee is based on number of members in the club and may reduce or increase based on the same.
  • Access is booked via You can take your 6 days all at once or split them up over the month as available. Additional days, if open, are available for $115 per day (prior coordination required, this allows for you to return the aircraft for example if more than a 6 day trip is desired). Additional 6 day blocks are available for the monthly fee. Returning past the 6 days without prior approval will result in a $180 per day fee. This protects other members reservations.
  • You are responsible for any additional expenses, negligence, insurance deductible, fuel, oil, oxygen and de-Ice as consumed.
  • There is a $100 lost hangar key as this is can be a security issue.
  • Payments should be attached to clip-board in aircraft, or mailed to Jonathan directly. Online payments via PayPal using friend to friend payment options are also available for a nominal surcharge to cover processing fees. Hours flown will be timed off the Hobbs meter. Monthly fees are due the first of the month and are owed thru the 60 day notice of termination period.
  • Prices can change at any time to coincide with a new month. Our goal is to keep prices as low as possible for our members.
  • Before solo flight, you will be required to complete a check flight with the Chief Pilot, Jonathan Towner. You will be responsbile for payment of the flight time. Based on experience and proficency, the Chief Pilot reserves the right to require multiple flights until he is comfortable that you are capable of commanding the aircraft safely.


If maintenance is required, write up the squawk and if aircrafy is no longer airworthy, call or email me at to contact me. Members will share the maintenance downtime equally. The schedule will be adjusted and members informed. If the airplane is down for 30 days or less, the member is responsible for the monthly fixed fee. For all down times greater than 30 days, monthly fees will be waived and/or pro-rated depneding on the downtime.

  • Ex. Aircraft in out of service Apr 15-May 15… You would pay the normal monthly fee for April & May.
  • If the aircraft was out of service from say Apr 15-Jun 3…you would pay the normal monthly fee for April and a prorated fee through May 15. You would not pay a fee for the period of May 15-June 3. Monthly fixed fee would resume prorated Jun 4-Jun 31. 
  • If maintenance is required on a cross-country or longer flight, the member is responsible for completing the maintenance and submitting the claim to Fly Me 2, LLC for reimbursement. Original bill and airworthiness mx write up on a sticky mx label should be returned to the Manager. For major mx on a cross-country, return home and we will discuss the situation. Either I or you will pickup the aircraft. In all cases the member will be responsible to pay for flight hours/fuel back to the home base (KJYO) from the origin where the aircraft was left for service.


We like to ensure all members have access to a clean plane. So we ask all members to follow these simple guidelines.  Some of them are requirements to prevent damage to the aircraft, deicing components, plexiglass windows, etc. please read carefully and if you have any questions, let me know.

  • If the aircraft is exceptionally dirty, call me to schedule a wash.
  • Member is responsible to pick up after self and keep the interior clean.
  • Clean the windshield and all windows using the plexiglass polish provided in the hangar and white reusable cloths also provided. Do not use windex or other glass cleaners. Plexiglass scratches very easily and you will be responsbile for any damages or scratches to the glass if you do not follow these simple guidlines or use unapproved materials or cleaners to clean the glass.
  • A portable, cordless vacuum is available, please use it after your flight to clean the rugs and seats if needed.
  • Clean all bugs off the nose and wings using blue paper towels and cleaner provided. Do not use cleaner on the deicing wing strips. We will review this with you so you understand. A sponge with tap water is provided for cleaning the wing edges (deice strips), this is necessary to avoid clogging. These are very precise components and need to be cleaned in a certain way to avoid clogging and damage. You will be held responsible for any damage to these components.
  • Enter and exit the aircraft using the walking strips affixed to the wings outside the aircraft doors. Instruct and monitor your passengers as well to avoid walking outside of these strips which protect the wings from scratches.
  • You will be required to demonstrate profeciency with the gas powered tug that is available to tow the plane in and out of the hangar. Take care when using the tug to avoid scratching or damaging the front wheel flairing.
  • Normal oil capacity for this model is 6-8 quarts. Do not add oil unless there is less than (<) 6.00 quarts. Use AeroShell 100 PLUS or 15-50, or type designated by e-mail. In Cirrus aircraft, it is not uncommon to find oil on the tail, rudder and belly of the aircraft, especially after a long flight. Please clean using degreaser and blue paper towels provided in the hangar.
  • Fuel tanks should be filled to tabs (46 gal) after block of flying 100LL only.
  • When flying the aircraft will be tied down at a non-local airport overnight, we require you tarp the plane with the canvas cover located in the baggage compartment.


Call Jonathan at (703)779-2728 and Aircraft And Marine Assurance at (800) 466-4944. Ask for Vivian. Comply with FAR 830. Notify the NTSB, not the FAA.



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