We are  located at Leesburg Executive Airport  – KJYO –  Leesburg, Virginia Hangar A4, on the north side of the airport. CLICK HERE for more info on KJYO.

Fly Me 2, LLC, formerly Sky Tiger, LLC, was founded and has been managed by Jonathan Towner for over 20 years.

N724SR – Cirrus SR22 Highlights

  • Five pilots maximum for the club, keeping the operation small, like a partnership.
  • The SR-22 is a 2006 GTS with full weather and music/talk radio on board. 
  • It has airbags and semi-portable 22ft3 oxygen.
  • CMAX and EMAX , charts on the MFD with GPS derived current location, for awareness on approach.
  • CMAX is a fully electronic engine and fuel display with assisted leaning for max performance and range.
  • 724SR has only 1575 hrs TT  
  • Equiped with a Reiff Turbo XP preheater, that is phone/text operated.
  • We upgraded with Dual WAAS and CMAX is an onboard/current, full Jeppesen subscription for all approaches and low airways in the US.
  • No buy in.  Leave the club when your needs change. No long term obligation.
  • A beautiful well taken care of and equipped SR-22 at your fingertips
  • Safety Features: Airbags and semi-portable 22ft3 oxygen and Cirrus CAPS (Parachute system)
  • Membership costs are $690/mo/fixed, $180/hr/dry, $3000 security deposit (refunded after leaving the club with 60 days notice). No buy-in costs, just a fixed monthly cost (doesn’t include fuel, oil or de-ice used during your flight) Monthly fee may increase or decrease based on number of members.

If you love aviation, flying, the camaraderie of fellow aviation enthusiasts or are looking into owning, renting or leasing an airplane, you owe it to yourself to see our operation.